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Every time I open Windows Explorer it is not maximized so I have to double click on the window header.

Is there some way to have it open maximized by default?

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Tip #1 - Maximize Window Explorer window from shortcut

alt text

Tip #2 Registry Setting

A little snooping in the registry turns up the MaximizeApps key. I don’t know if this works on all apps or just Windows Explorer but I solved my problem.

Find this Key

* HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
* CurrentVersion\Explorer

Add a new DWORD value named “MaximizeApps”

* Set the value to 1

Tip #3 use key short cut

Open explorer, maximize and close it with Shift pressed...

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Tip #3 works perfectly thanks. I guess i would have to do this initially each time i reboot my machine. I'll check the registry tip as well after backing it up of course, as i assume it would then open maximized all the time. – Paul Oct 6 '09 at 10:01

Eusing's Auto Window Manager will do that (and a lot more useful things) for you.

Automatically maximize or minimize or normal all new windows you specify.

Automatically minimize all new windows you specify to system tray.

Automatically keep all new windows you specify always on top.

Adds several menu items to standard window system menu.

Minimize the current window to system tray.

Apply transparency effect from 0% (fully transparent) to 100% (solid) rate to any program in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Show window property of application, such as window handle, class name, process id etc.

Auto Refresh Internet explorer at custom intervals.

AWM is freeware.

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Thanks for super speedy reply, will look into this. I've noticed Xplorer2 Lite opens maximized by default so i guess that's another option. – Paul Oct 6 '09 at 9:59

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