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How do I create a true RAM disk? I don't want a virtual file system with loop devices, I would like a mountable filesystem that is stored completely in RAM.
I am using Fedora 17, linux 3.6.9-2.fc17.i686
Thanks in advance.

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The real ramdisk is deprecated since it uses a fixed allocation, unlike ramfs and tmpfs.… – sawdust Dec 7 '12 at 3:10
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See the man page for more details.

Step 1:

mkdir -p /mnt/[some-name-or-other]

Step 2:

mount -t tmpfs -o size=1G tmpfs /mnt/[some-name-or-other]

Step 3:


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tmpfs should do the trick.

# mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /path/to/mount/point

# df -h
tmpfs                            12G     0   12G   0% /home/gert/tmpfs

It limits to 50% of your total RAM available by default (configurable - see 'Mount options for tmpfs' in the manpage mount(8)).

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