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According to MSE licence "Microsoft Security Essentials can be used for small business up to 10 PC." But if my company has about 40 PC then what can i do? Can i have a option of purchasing MSE? Or is there any method to do it legally?

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Unfortuanaly - not directly.

For business users Microsoft had other security solutions in the past (e.g. Forefront sales ended first december...).

Still you have multiple options:

  • You can buy & switch to Windows 8. (PreInstalled Windows 8 Defender contains the Security Essentials virus scanner engine... (the one for Windows <=7 doesn't))
  • If it should be free you can switch to COmmodo Internet Security, which is also free for business users
  • You can buy another scanner

With 40 PCs you can think about a centralized approach.

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