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When a file is created or moved inside the desktop dir, the default alignment is from left-top to down:

enter image description here


What I would like to do is to assign a different default alignment, for example from left-bottom to right:

enter image description here


Is this possible?

Is there any reg-key that allows you to do this? or any dll resource to edit?


I can imagine that the cultures who write from right to left or for example the Chinese version of Windows maybe have a different default alignment (from right-top to down or from right-top to left...) so I don't think this is a crazy idea.

PS: Notice that I don't want to use programs to change the POSITION of my desktop icons, for example the typical program that draws a "clock" or figures with the icons... that is sh*t, I want to change the default alignment in Windows for new created/moved files into the desktop dir.

PS2: I'm using Windows 7.

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