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We have a field office that uses a dialup connection with a non-public IP given from the ISP.

Dialin is done by GNOME-PPP.

How can we hold an SSH connection (with tunnel) open to a server in the Internet while the computer is connected?

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autossh is a tool (included in the Ubuntu repositories) which can automatically reconnect a SSH session. It can check via a separate if data is still being transmitted properly and reconnect the tunnel:

Here is a nice How-To:

This can be combined with the daemon tool, to run in background.

Complete solution:

aptitude install autossh daemon

In /usr/local/bin/autossh



autossh -M $AUTOSSH_PORT -N -L ... -R ... $USER@$HOST 

Port forwardings have to be added instead of the "...". Actually everything after -M $AUTOSSH_PORT are SSH parameters.

And at the beginning of /etc/rc.local add

daemon -n autossh /usr/local/bin/tunnel 
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