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Lately I've become interested in the ability of several filesystems including Apple's HFS+ and Microsoft's NTFS which support two or more data streams.

  • In Mac terminology these were most widely known before OS X as the separate data and resource forks. I believe modern HFS+ can have more than two forks.
  • In NTFS they are most commonly referred to as Alternate Data Streams or just ADS.

I'd like to know which, if any, archive/compression formats and/or tools support creating single compressed files from files using the above features for two or more forks or streams.

I know there were some in the Mac System 7 days such as MacBinary and BinHex but I'd like to know if any of the current generation of formats and tools such as zip, gzip, bzip2, 7zip, or any lesser known ones have such support.

I'd prefer open-source, cross-platform, open standards, but anything is interesting.

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