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Possible Duplicate:
Can you use the Windows+D shortcut for one monitor only?

Is it possible to implement? It's very annoying when working on multiple displays and need to see desktop only of first monitor. Pressing Windows+D minimizes all windows on all monitors.

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Everything is possible to implement :)

This solution might be considered an advanced one since it requires programming, for example in C++ or C# (here's a good article how to do it in C#).

I cannot post more than 2 hyperlinks so you'll have to get documentation for each function on your own (just search for it on MSDN).

For your issue you'd have to use WinAPI to:

  • enumerate monitors using EnumDisplayMonitors function
  • enumerate all top-level windows using EnumWindows function
  • match monitors with windows using MonitorFromWindow function
  • determine which windows to minimize
  • send WM_SYSCOMMAND message with value SC_MINIMIZE to appropriate windows using SendMessage function
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I will take hours to code something that would do this reliably :) – Magnetic_dud Dec 9 '12 at 16:55

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