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I have a new VM host on my network, on a Dell R620.

  • The dedicated iDrac is connected with static IP of: 192.168.3.x
  • NIC #1 is connected to my router
  • The eSXI 5.1 host is with IP of
  • The vSphere appliance has a static IP of
  • All the clients on the new host are in the same network 192.168.3.x
  • All clients are Windows 2008 R2

My problem is that non of the clients can access the WAN.

  • I can't ping anything which is beyond my router.
  • I CAN ping anything within my router, even if it's on a different subnet - 192.168.0.x (Router rules are in tact and working)
  • I can ping the gateway (

One thing that I checked, and is bothering my (but don't know if it has any relevance) is that on the Host Networking properties, there is a vmnic0 (picture) that shows as if it only recognizes 192.168.0.x network - is that so?

vmNIC 0 on the host

The command: route print shows me the following details, where I have a duplicate entry for (and one is wrong) - which is probably also why it's not working

enter image description here

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You need to check DNS, it is not configured, I think.

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