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I want to be able to remote record to my Humax Foxsat HDR and believe that I can do so via a website so if I can get an internet connection to it. Sadly, the SFR box (I'm in France) and the PC are upstairs, TV downstairs. But I have an old XP laptop which I can dedicate to the task while I'm away. So, I've run a cable between the two (UTP CAT5 it says on it). When I look at My Computer and Network Connections, the Humax doesn't show up.

The Humax is asking for - IP address, Subnet Mask, Router Address, DNS, Ethernet ID (already filled in with DC-D3-21-56-C9-18).

I have done ipconfig/all on the laptop and am now overwhelmed with information. Ethernet adaptor Wireless Network Connection has one set of info, Ethernet adaptor LAN has another. Neither has Router Address, and the bits I need don't match. Also, neither IP address matches the one on the "What's my IP" website I'd been told about in former (working) life.

Can anyone help me please?

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I am not familiar with your equipment but it sounds like it wants you to assign it an IP address manually on your device. The router address will be expressed as the gateway address it should be the same as DNS and dhcp server address. The gateway address on the laptop is the router's address. The netmask is or probably is and it is not important that you understand it, just so log as you match it. I am afraid I cannot help you select an IP address it will depend on what is available on your router. If you have further questions write me and ask your questions.

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