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I need to write a batch program to end all MS office communicator tasks with window titles (usually ending with pattern "- Conversation" .

I tried

taskkill /FI "WINDOWTITLE eq *Conversation" /IM communicator.exe

but the wildcard pattern starting with a '*' does not seem to work. Gives the folowing error

ERROR: The search filter cannot be recognized.

any suggestions for a workaround would be greatly appreciated!

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'*' Can't work in the beginning of the filtered text –  Ofiris Dec 10 '12 at 17:18

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Here’s a batch file partially inspired by this question by Rogier:

@echo off

for /F "delims=" %%a in ('tasklist /fo list /v') do (
      call :Sub %%a
exit /b

set Line=%*
set BOL4=%Line:~0,4%
set BOL13=%Line:~0,13%
set Value=%Line:~14%
if "%BOL4%"=="PID:" (
      set save_PID=%Value%
      exit /b
if "%BOL13%"=="Window Title:" (                          // Note . below.
      echo %Value% | findstr /r /c:"- Conversation.$" > nul
      if not errorlevel 1 (
            echo %save_PID%
            REM taskkill /pid %save_PID%
      exit /b
exit /b

I found that I needed to add a . at the end of the regular expression for the

echostring| findstr /rregular expression ending with $

form to work.  I’m guessing that echo is adding a CR or maybe an extra CRLF to the string, and that findstr is counting that as a character occurring between the string and the end of the line.

Obviously you will un-comment-out the taskkill command one you have tested this.

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