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I want to compare two sheets and write results to a third sheet. The first sheet has two columns:

title_add | add something
title_del | del something
title_lst | list something

The second sheet:

add something | add members in group
del something | delete members from group

In the third sheet, the output should be:

{"title_add","add members in group"},
{"title_del","delete members from group"},
{"title_lst","list something"},

[non matching details will be retained]

I have written function that writes to third sheet first column:


IF(sheet1!B1=sheet2!A1, sheet3!A1=CONCATENATE("""",sheet1!A1,""",""",sheet2!B1,"""}"),  

What's the mistake or rectification required?

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remove the sheet3!A1= 's from the formula – chris neilsen Dec 10 '12 at 7:39
yes, i did that and it worked. i traced the error! thanks. – xploreraj Dec 10 '12 at 9:00



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