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This is the layout of my keyboard (Multimedia-Keys)

Play|Pause  ,  Mute  , Vol-  ...

I however change songs very very often (next in playlist, prev in playlist), for which I do not have multimedia keys available.

I use Winamp, and use global Hotkeys to override the default action to what I want and it works perfectly.

Play|Pause  ,  Prev  , Next ...

The only problem is, when I use Sublime-Text-2, where the keys use the default action, instead of the Winamp Overrides.

I know of User Key-Bindings in Sublime-Text-2, however, do not know the key : value for this combination.

{ "keys": ["?"], "command": "?" }
// { "keys": ["multimedia-play-key"], "command": "do nothing" }

Is there a way in Sublime Text to ignore all mutimedia keys ?

I'm using Windows8.


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