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I have a zip file containing Eclipse workspace. When I unzip it all the extracted folders have read only attribute set to true. When I uncheck "read only" in properties dialog and click apply the attribute seems to be removed. But when I reopen properties dialog it is there again.

Eclipse will not accept folder that is read only as a workspace. I need it to be removed.

Some points I'd like to make:

  • Only folders have read only attribute, files don't.
  • I use Windows 7, for unzipping I have used 7zip.
  • I have tryied to remove the attribute from command line like this: attrib -r -s c:\pathToFolder. It did not work.
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You need to tell ATTRIB to process directories. Also, if it is every folder in your workspace you should make ATTRIB recursive:

ATTRIB -R "C:\pathToFile" /S /D

/D specifies to process folders and /S processes all subfolders.

Note that the switches have to follow the path.

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