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Is it possible to share your Mac OS Desktop using LiveMeeting and Parallels?

I've tried the following: 1) Startup Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard 2) Startup Win 7 VM in Parallels 4 3) Connect to a LiveMeeting using the LiveMeeting Desktop option 4) Switch Parallels into Coherence mode 5) Share my desktop in the LiveMeeting console

This just shares the Win 7 desktop. Is there any config changes that will allow me to share my Mac desktop and/or Mac Apps?

Thanks in advance

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Since the Mac is the host, you should use a Mac tool to share the desktop. That way the virtualized Windows 7 will also be shared.

To turn on the Mac screen sharing set the appropriate settings in the System Preferences.

If you need to share with many platforms have a look at the various different third-party VNC applications.

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