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Possible with the proper firewall rules or proxy setup? For example, when an ad loads, at the bottom you can usually see the domain it is loading itself from. I figure block the major ones in a proxy or firewall and problem solved.

I'd rather see a "Page cannot be displayed" then a poorly crafted ad with no relevance to my internet habits.

Maybe redirect to a 404 page with a nice set of tits or something.

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If you search the internet for using the hosts file to block ads you'll find what you want. Basically, the hosts file on the Windows and Linux OS, offer the redirect that you want. Also, various ready-to-use lists are available. –  user151227 Dec 12 '12 at 0:44
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Privoxy is a proxy that can be used to block ads.

Using the hosts files as vasa1 suggested could also work, but in that case will need one entry for each ads1.example.com, ads2.example.com, ... ads123.example.com... , whereas with a proxy or browser plugin (e.g. Adblock Plus) you can typically do things like ads*.example.com. To some extend this applies to blocking on a firewall level where you will need to find IP addresses or blocks of the ad servers (assuming that it is a real firewall, not application firewall; some application firewall have a content inspection and can filter out ads).

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