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I need to open a folder with the extension of .arc . I've already extracting the file with 7zip and also have tried it using IZArc extractor.But it seems to give me the output of many file (unknown type) that cannot be open by with any file programs.When I try to open it with notepad,it just show some alphanumeric string.The example are as below :

File 1 :H4sIAAAAAAAAAKx7aZOq2tLm94qo/7BBBXFAHBlVRgVUcAJUVEQUxYFJfePt/tC/valz7r7n9I3bb3dEd1UsFNZAZq7MJ59ce1dhKg6qdbT1/VX/hf2KjrfvL4b5/qoJ6dl9R+mvop663uNMBtzi1/wcR+n79WtxTv8j8M4v5Pe4IApF933+VRSpBoaRGN5oNpr1Zqv+M2ISnf63nVn3NI1OH+/8zzf9ygT6dUqD

. . File 81: /zinP7OXwTt7Vqw3Wo0xL8gS9vPT7HTaeAeNT/7PEO7zvv4l6W8ps55e7/vrHJ7+UKr9l3a18Tm8vK+/OtmjeTZ/EDze2fvtGrcQFIVoi2cvOp1/1QaPTOw/b3Z/LvZ6Z9o+v7+G7udg9XovUim2RoVNum8NqRkiHmmFzWPWAG0FrrM9Y+szPjodu2THBclHFeTTFBpCJLA8ambZH0AgOXUyKSkWAKMzgjql0shjAP1F8ccufbverZpWS3IffsHg6rD64PfhSbg/FeGS

That .arc files supposed to be a pdf file.I know this because the sender itself telling me that way.

Can anyone show me the way to open this file?Thanks.

p/s: sorry for my bad English. Feel free to edit this question if anyone can make it more understandable .

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I just created a testfile (arc a test.arc my_testfile.txt) and the resulting test.arc contains a lot of NON-alphanumeric information. Which seems to suggest that the file you have is not in arc format. (My output looks like this: ^Z^Htestfile.txt^@[^D^@^@~KA| ¾Cþ'^G^@^@^Leì¼aS~GN~Z7nZÈp1ca~L/3^T^D^\XðB2aè`) – Hennes Dec 12 '12 at 9:30
yes..actually the things is what you've done is just reading the compressing file/folder is it?.But like as I have mention above,what I want is the output after we extracting the .arc folder.That is, it should show me a pdf file after extracting the folder.Btw,The file 1 until file 81 that I have mention above is the file INSIDE the folder after extracting. – Dec 12 '12 at 9:44
arc z test.arc gives me the contents of the archive (when used on a known working archive). However this seems to become a discussion, which might be better in – Hennes Dec 12 '12 at 9:49
i want to discuss inside the links given but I'm unable to so as I do not have the sufficient reputation to chat – Dec 12 '12 at 9:53

Maybe it's a possibility to contact the vendor of the software on the .arc type used. According to wikipedia there are several different forms of arc which are incompatible with oneother.

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