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I am trying to solve the "Can't find hypervisor information in sysfs" problem when invoking "xm". I have found in some sites that the solution is to rename *10_linux* into *50_linux*, however if I do this, whenever I reboot my computer, the memtest starts (so I have to reset the previous grub configuration through a live cd). I am aware that it might be a silly question, but does anyone have a workaround?

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I had the same problem. Googling around I came across this forum post. Initially I did the same as you renaming 10_linux to 50_linux, however first time around I forgot to:

[sudo] update-grub2

I sudo'd the command however not sure it's required. Now all is working.

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The official Debian (dpkg'ish way) is described here: – alk Feb 22 '14 at 11:25

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