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Is autohotkey capable of interpreting hot-keys in the style of Ctrl+Shift+W I would assume a script like the following would work:

^+W :: ; Windows hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+W)
   O:: Run Outlook ; Subsequent 'o' pressed => Run outlook
   E:: Run Explorer ;

From the documentation I note that these are called vertically stacked hotkeys and cause each line to perform the same action. In the case above, I think Ctrl+Shift+W and O will both cause outlook to be launched, whereas pressing e would cause explorer to be launched. What I would like is Ctrl+Shift+W, O runs outlook and Ctrl+Shift+W, E runs windows explorer.

Is there any way to cause a hotkey to perform context specific actions (much like in Eclipse), where I can press Ctrl+Shift+W to activate a block of specific hotkeys?

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Here is a simple example based upon what you have provided.

    Input, x, L1

    if x = o
        msgbox, o pressed
    else if x = e
        msgbox, e pressed

Source Input

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