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I want to configure lynx to always accept cookies, but without having to hack the OS level configuration in /etc/lynx.cfg.

How can I do this? Note: calling lynx with command line options is not an acceptable answer, but if you need to setup ENVIRONMENT variables, it's ok, I can put them in .bashrc.

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What OS are you using (Linux, I assume)? Why would command line options not be a slution? You could always add an alias to lynx in your .bashrc that includes the options. –  terdon Dec 12 '12 at 18:02

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You should be able to copy the system-wide lynx.cfg to your user's home directory and change your desired settings on a per-user level.

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As I said in my comment, the easiest way to do this (since according to its man page, lynx does not have a user configuration file) would be to add this line to your ~/.bashrc:

alias lynx='lynx -accept_all_cookies'

Then source ~/.bashrc or just open a new terminal and run lynx. SInce it is now an alias, you will get the same behavior as if you had explicitly ran lynx -accept_all_cookies but in a way that is completely transparent to the user.

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