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Recently I got a second Internet connection. Each connection has 50mpbs capacity. One of them is directly connected to my laptop via PPPoE (with username and password); the second one is Wi-Fi from the router. I would like to "merge" the traffic so I can have a more stable connection and download via utorrent/etc faster. I'm using Windows 7. I've added the RandomAdapter key in the registry. I've also tried to set the Interface metric of both connections to 1, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. Here is a cosmetically edited image of the Networking tab of Task Manager:

enter image description here

(the unadulterated image is here).

Can you suggest what to do or what software I should use? Thanks.

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Please check out the following:

It's not a brilliant solution, but does improve overall speed.

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Can you summarize why that website/program would be a good solution for the user's issue? As a link by itself, it may be seen as spam and potentially deleted – Canadian Luke Oct 3 '13 at 21:57
The software allows to choose how the traffic is balanced over the adapters, such as dominate on latency or round robin the adapters equally. Any software you get will only increase speeds where there is multiple connections to the server such as multi-threaded downloads or torrents for example. For an improved overall network / internet speed 'bonded' network adapters or internet would be required to get a combined speed as such. Theoretically windows 7 is supposed to balance between adapters by itself although i've found on various devices it can be wifi heavy as shown in your image. – bugahdug Jan 28 '14 at 1:41
Please edit your answer with that information – Canadian Luke Jan 28 '14 at 2:35

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