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I have a problem with double quotes on my keyboard while working on Linux.

  • The double quote my keyboard types is: ¨¨
  • and what I really expect is: ""

You see the difference there? The first one which my keyboard types is not accepted when I work with R, so I have to copy-paste the correct double quotes from the internet every time.

This happens only when I work with Linux, and not Windows. Does anyone know how to change it or get it right?

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forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=238956 - basically, change your keyboard layout to "QWERTY US" or "QWERTY XX". –  Prisoner Dec 13 '12 at 13:25

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It maybe because you have your keyboard layout to English(US, International), like mine.

If you want " instead of ¨ use Alt + Shift + " (the one next to the Enter key)

If you want ' instead of ´ use Alt + " (the one next to the Enter key)

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As @Prisoner said, look at: Single and Double Quotes Not Working - FedoraForum.org

Basically, change your keyboard layout to "QWERTY US" or "QWERTY XX". Hopefully that will work, if not, drop a comment and we'll keep looking.

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