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I have a small script which runs a few commands on a client. until now i need to go with my usb drive to the pc, run my live image and then run the script. now i want to use pxe for this.

so the plan is: start a really really small kernel with the required ressources like network, disks, ... in it. then start the script and reboot the machine.

so i can build a kernel, that should be no problem, but hwo can i start my script and stuff afterwards? i mean i could take a debian live or whatever and put the script into /etc/rc.local but thats way too much for that. and i would need nfs for that, which i dont want to use...

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the answer is really simple:

create a kernel as you like, or just use one you just have lying around. then create an initram like described here:

inside the initram you spawn instead of a shell the script you need.

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