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I have FIOS verizon on 1 router w/wifi connected to 6 wireless devices, 1 network printer & 3 wired computers. I want to add to my network, NAS storage (cloud access), 4 FIOS TV'S, Home Theatre, thermostats, security systems, security cameras, etc in a two story house. How would you recommend adding routers & switches & where ?

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the only real outlier here is the NAS. you should DMZ it if you really want it to be externally accessible. –  Frank Thomas Dec 13 '12 at 19:41
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One router for getting to the outside world, and serving as DHCP.

One switch attached to the router(I imagine the amount of ports on the router won't be enough for what you're perhaps intending).

Another switch in another location(connect to 1st switch or router depending on location) and then connect your equipment.

So you've essentially got two switches linked together, and can get to the outside world.

Spread switches where you need them in the house. Your router will serve as an access point. If you needed wireless somewhere else which is out of reach, connect a wireless access point to the switch in the other area.

1gb/s link between everything physical.

It all depends upon your house layout though...

I can't see any reason for anything majorly complicated.

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