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I noticed that almost all my keyboard shortcuts are disabled when I view a message in a new window with Conversation view. This includes things like next message, previous message, find, reply to all.

Note, that these shortcuts all work when I'm in my inbox looking at a list of messages.

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I'm the author of Conversations.

Yes, unfortunately, implementing the navigation in a separate tab requires a fair bit of work. It's not unfeasible, but that would probably require me to spend an entire week working full-time on this, and I don't have that time right now :) (I'm doing Conversations on my free time).

There's an old issue filed about this at ; if you're interested in helping out, I'd be more than happy to provide guidance and pointers as to how one could implement this :).

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That's too bad to hear but thanks for responding nonetheless. I was beginning to think I was going crazy :) – Fonnae Dec 23 '12 at 14:01

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