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I've installed Google Chrome on Windows XP, but when I open it I'm taken to MSN homepage.
Is this normal?

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Isn't that the default home page for Internet Explorer? If you've imported your browser settings, that's exactly what I would expect to happen. – Al E. Dec 14 '12 at 0:44
Its normal if you imported those settings over from a different browser. Why don't you just change it. Its not like the MSN homepage is malicious. – Ramhound Dec 14 '12 at 0:48

As the comments imply, Chrome imports everything (settings, history, homepage, etc.) from your "default browser" automatically during the installation. Maybe, you're using IE as your default browser and haven't changed the homepage yet  :-)

So, there's no need to worry about the homepage. Just change it to whatever you wish...

Note: Though I really had as my default homepage in IE-7, Chrome showed the homepage as because I use firefox which stays with Google as homepage.

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