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I'm downloading a large file on Windows server and Internet Explorer first stores files into the C drive and then copies it to the correct location. I don't have enough space on the C drive, so is there a way to change the path of where Internet Explorer is temporary downloading files?

Is there another tool to achieve this?

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You could create a Symlink from the temporary folder to your other temp folder.

For example you could run this in the command line to create one:

mklink /j <temp folder for downloads> <new temp folder for downloads>

More info on Symlinks

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Thank you but where is temp folder for downloads ? – Zim3r Dec 14 '12 at 7:56
@Zim3r: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files – Karan Dec 15 '12 at 0:21


set TEMP=D:\junk

set TMP=D:\junk


Right Click on Computer -> Properties -> Choose Advanced Settings on the Left Pane -> On the Advanced Tab -> Environment Variable -> and Now Edit those variables.

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