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i want to start a linux kernel over pxe boot, load a very small initram, do some jobs there and reboot the machine.

so my init script looks like this:

#!/bin/sh -e
# used for initramfs
export PATH
. /lib/debian-installer/init-debug
debugshell "just booted"

mount /proc
mount /sys


tftp -l - -r /srv/tftp/welcome_test -g
sleep 10


basicily i copied the debian netinstaller script and changed a bit.

the problem is now, if i want to reboot i get this kernel panic:

Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attemted to kill init!

so how can i just reboot after i did my work on the machine? or do i need to start a seperate script via init?

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okay i just oversaw a fact that i did not spawned any init process yet so i was just running in kernel mode all the time... strange things happen there :D

so i i adjust the script with a

exec busybox init

and create a /etc/inittab rule like

::sysinit:/bin/bash /bin/

it works really fine!

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