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I got myself a laptop and the keyboard is slightly goofed up because the right Shift key is in a place where I have typically had the PageUp key. So, I wanted to figure out how to remap the right Shift key to PageUp.

I ran

xmodmap -pke > /tmp/xmodmap.conf

and found out that the keycode for the right Shift is 62. So, I edited the /tmp/xmodmap.conf file so that keycode 62 maps to "Prior" (which I found out was PageUp) and then I ran

xmodmap /tmp/xmodmap.conf

The "Shift" key on the right side of my keyboard was then able to do a "Page Up." Neat! Then, I copied that /tmp/xmodmap.conf file into my home directory (/home/someUser/) and put the command

xmodmap /home/someUser/xmodmap.conf

into /etc/rc.local. But the right Shift key did NOT map to PageUp on the next boot!

Note that I have already added XKbOptions into my /etc/default/keyboard to ctrl:nocaps and that works beautifully. What I am wondering is if someone can help me set this new mapping (Right Shift to PageUp) in /etc/default/keyboard so that the mapping will work on the virtual consoles as well as in X/XFCE.

This is being run on a 64-bit Xubuntu 12.10 installation.

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thanks "@slhck" for the edits. The questions looks much nicer/neater and readable now. – John Smith Dec 14 '12 at 15:50

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