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On my HP laptop with 64 bit Win7, the mouse pointer will automatically click on anything that I point it at. If I hover over a folder, the folder will automatically open. I hover over an application, the application will open. This is very annoying! My friend who has HP desktop with 64 bit Win7 does not have this problem. How can I turn off this annoying feature on my laptop?

Thank you.

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Type "ease" in the Start Menu search box, open the Ease of Access Center, click on Make the mouse easier to use and uncheck the Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse option.

If that doesn't help, check the Mouse (Properties) Control Panel applet or the one for your touchpad driver (Synaptics, Elantech etc.) Somewhere there must be an option you can toggle related to this.

(Apparently, the relevant setting for Synaptics is: Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Mouse (Properties) / Device Settings tab / Settings button / Highlight Tapping on the left and and uncheck Enable Tapping.)

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It's under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

Set both MouseHoverWidth and MouseHoverHeight to 0.

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