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I have a basic lab environment set up to try and get 2 vLANs working in hyper-v.

I have the following equipment

  • 1 hyper-v server
  • 1 Desktop PC
  • 1 Managed Switch (d-link DES-3052P)
  • 1 cheap router (DI-604)

My end goal is to have 1 VM and the desktop on one vLAN with internet, and 1 VM on a separate vLAN with internet access.

I am having troubles getting an internet connection to both vLANs. The switch does not have the ability to have asynchronous vLANs.

This is my switch configuration

  • Port 1 - Trunk Port - Connected to router
  • Port 2 - Trunk Port - Connected to hyper-v Server
  • Port 3 - Access Port- Connected to Desktop

Within hyper-v I have 1 switch and 2 VMs. When the VMs are set up to use vlan ID 1, everything works fine. As soon as a VM is set up to use vlan ID 2, they lose all network connection and cannot communicate with the router anymore. I believe this is because the router is not vLAN aware.

Can anyone help me with what settings need to be set up on my switch? I believe I want an egress rule so traffic leaving towards the router is untagged, is that right? If not, any ideas or hints as to what needs to be set up?

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