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Possible Duplicate:
How can I determine a computer’s specs?
Tool to get installed components on a PC
A tool for collecting system information?

How can I identify the manufacturer and model of my motherboard without having to physically disassemble computer, and preferably with system tools and not external software?

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Piriform's Speccy is a free system information tool, compatible with Windows XP/7/8. You can download a portable version to avoid having to install the program, and it can reveal the manufacturer and model of the motherboard, as well as many sub-components (main chipset, southbridge, BIOS info, etc...).

As far as I know, no built-in system tool can identify more than what chipset the motherboard it's based off of (going by what you can find in in Device Manager, devmgmt.msc), as there's no one "driver" for the motherboard itself (the computer just sees the individual hardware components).

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