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Suppose I have serveral BMP image file, say 001.bmp, 002.bmp,..., 100.bmp. I want to convert these files to a single djvu file, whose first page is the content of 001.bmp, the second page is the content of 002.bmp...etc.

What is the best way (software) to do this task? I don't want to upload those image file to a server, since it takes too much time. On the other hand, I am not restricted to use BMP files, I can also work with PNG or JPG files.

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Assuming you are on Linux. Install the djvulibre packages (in Debian/Ubuntu djvulibre-bin), cd to the path where you have your images and run the following:

for x in *.jpg; do c44 -dpi 300 $x; done
djvm -c ../result.djvu *.djvu
ddjvu -format=pdf myfile.djvu myfile.pdf

Source: Another useful source:

On Windows you can either use cygwin and follow these steps or use any of the several available GUI tools. The latter option won't give you the same speed though, as it can't be scripted.

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For color pages:

c44 -dpi 300 pg1.jpg pg1.djvu

For black/white:

for (( i = 2; i <= $N; i++ )); do
  echo $i
  convert pg$i.jpg pg$i.pbm
  cjb2 pg$i.pbm pg$i.djvu
  pages="$pages pg$i.djvu"

Join all pages:

djvm -c book.djvu  $pages
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