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In previous OSX versions I could put custom SF2 soundfonts into ~/Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks and then select which soundbank to use in Quicktime. After upgrading to Snow Leopard I noticed that Quicktime 7 (Quicktime X doesn't play MIDI) is missing a preferences pane where to select the soundbank. Is there a way to use soundfonts in OSX 10.6 or ask a workaround, is there a free software synth for OSX that supports SF2 soundfonts?

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I just discovered that newer versions of VLC (looks like 1.1.7 and higher) support MIDI and SoundFonts on Snow Leopard:

I've tested several dozen MIDIs with the old Creative SoundFonts and it works great.

I'm responding to this old question since it's in the top 3 Google results for "snow leopard sound fonts". Hope it helps someone else out.

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I guess this might be the best option, unfortunately doesn't help with cases where I am using app that uses Quicktime to play midi. – Raynet Mar 26 '11 at 10:43

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