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I sent the following to WiTopia's customer support:

I use Witopia's VPN software on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5. My wife and I have different user accounts. I originally installed the Witopia software FROM my account; the installer placed the executable in the standard /Applications directory. When launching the Witopia application from my wife's account, a dialog pops up saying that "No User Data Information Found." with further instructions to redownload and reinstall the software. This is unnecessary because I know the VPN software works from my account. What do I need to do to enable access from her account? I am very comfortable using command-line tools via Terminal. I'm expecting that I need to do one of the following:

  • copy a set of files to a location under her account directory tree
  • modify the permissions on something so that she also has access to it

They suggested that I redownload and reinstall the software from my wife's account. I clarified to say that I wanted to be able to use the software from any account. They reiterated that this was the right thing to do. They are wrong. How do I do this?

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  • You are using MacOS X Lion. (I haven't tested on other versions of MacOS X)
  • You've installed WiTopia's VPN client and have gotten it to work from your user account.
  • You have another user account on your system that you want WiTopia to work from.
  • You are familiar with using Terminal and relatively comfortable using the command line.
  • Your login has administrative privileges (if not, you can enable them in System Preferences).
  • The term targetaccount in the following steps is used as a placeholder for whatever account you're trying to enable to use the WiTopia VPN service. You need to replace it with the actual name of the account you're trying to enable.


  1. Login to your user account.
  2. Open This can be found in the /Applications folder.
  3. Become root. Type in sudo -s. The password is your login password.
  4. Archive the directory you will be replacing. If the directory ~targetaccount/Library/Application Support/WiTopia already exists, copy it to a safe place in case this process doesn't work; you can copy it back if something bad happens. If this directory doesn't exist then no worries.
  5. Copy the WiTopia Application Support directory to the user account where WiTopia isn't working. Use the following command: cp -R ~/Library/Application Support/WiTopia ~targetaccount/Library/Application Support/WiTopia.
  6. Change the permissions on the WiTopia directory. cd ~targetaccount/Library/Application Support Then chown -R targetaccount WiTopia.
  7. Login to your target account and test WiTopia.

Notes on WiTopia

I have always had good customer support from WiTopia and their VPN service seems pretty decent Sidenote: It's hard to compare since I haven't used any other VPN service and sometimes when the throughput is bad it's difficult to tell whether it's the network (I live in China) or WiTopia who is at fault. I would definitely recommend WiTopia but it can be frustrating sometimes if you're pretty tech-savvy; they're customer support is really designed for the layman.

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