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I have this message in the bottom left corner of Firefox 17:


When trying to point it by mouse - the message run to the bottom-right corner - and vice versa.
I found on Google that I need turn off an option on YouTube (right click on playing video - Settings - Allow ytimg... - and I checked Denied.
But the message is still in Firefox.
How can i solve this, pls.

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What is the actual problem you're facing, besides simply seeing that message? is the YouTube IMaGe server, and it is used to serve up the various image elements required by YouTube, including the player's "skin":


Right-click any YT video and set the privacy settings for Adobe Flash Player to Deny and ensure Remember is checked:


If you have problems playing back YT videos, let us know. You can also try Help / Restart with Add-ons Disabled to see whether any of your add-ons is the cause.

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ThankYou, Karan, I didn't check remember checkmark. Thanks for your illustrated answer. – Bonaca Dec 16 '12 at 16:53

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