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I have a Mac Mini Mid-2007 just Windows 7 installed via Bootcamp. Microsoft Office, Skype, Photoshop etc. applications runs good but having problem with Visual Studio. When I try to install VS2010 or VS2012 I'm having issues below: Is there a way to fix? Many thanks in advice.

Problem solved by unmounting Mac OS X drive in Windows.

  1. Uninstall all VS components from your computer(if your setup crashed after few components installed)
  2. Right click on "Computer" icon and choose "Manage".
  3. Click on "Disk Management" under "Storage" menu from left.
  4. Right click on Mac OS X disk from list and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."
  5. Click on the drive label and then click remove.
  6. Restart Windows.
  7. Install VS and you'll notice the problem fixed.

This solve should make your Mac OS X unbootable unless you re-mount your Mac OS X drive. I advice you to unmount your drive if you have problems like this.

Enjoy VS on your Bootcamp

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