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I have 160 GB SATA harddrive in my PC, but my PC is not working. I want to copy my SATA hard drive data to my laptop. Is it possible to connect my pc hard drive to a laptop via USB?

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You need to a USB to SATA/IDE adapter.

You can find them cheaper than $20. Like this one on Amazon for $15. Here another USB to SATA/IDE one for $10.

I found a great video that explains the entire processing from connecting your hard drive to your laptop USB.

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So no enclosure is needed? The drive can lie bare on the surface? – Igor G. May 27 at 17:36
For short term no. Long term its good to make it an external drive with enclosure – Sun May 27 at 17:58

Sure you can do it! And I advise to have such a connector at home for emergency situations. Try something like this SATA TO USB ADAPTER

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You can connect it but with usb adapters see below links

2nd way is to buy a crossover lan cable, share the data and copy all of it. It is cheapest

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I got one of these almost two years ago and it's been perfect for connecting arbitrary hard drives via USB. Supports both SATA and older IDE drives.

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