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I use Reliance Netconnect+ in my Toshiba Satellite laptop. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I've seen speeds up to 1500 kbps when travelling and have an average speed of 400 kbps at my room premises.

I'm sorry, I've never felt that much speed while browsing or downloading. Sometimes I think some other programs are also sharing the same network.

It is just showing 200 or 500 kbps but I feel 25 or 50 kbps. Is there any way to prevent them? I use Google Chrome downloaded from Google site. Please suggest me some solutions.

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I'm confused as to how you can "feel" 25 or 50 kbps? There are a myriad of reasons as to why your network connection does feel that fast. It could be you are using non-optimal DNS, that you have programs in the background that do constant uploading and download (such as Dropbox or uTorrent), it may be that others on your network are sharing your connection, but most importantly, you should remember this;

500 kbps might not be as fast as you think it is. It is roughly only 63 kilobytes per second, which in itself is certainly not brisk.

Also, after a bit of research, Netconnect appears to be a 3G based network, and 3G has physical limitations as to how fast it can be. Not only that, a quick look through their site also suggests that you are throttled after a certain amount of usage.

Ultimately, I think your issue is how you perceive your network speed, not what it actually as. Take with a grain of salt.

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