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Question: When a webpage has finished loading: Is there a shortcut to make the cursor jump to the "primary" search form?

Background: Many webpages have a search input form for writing text to search for. However to get to the input form you often need to use your mouse, or press the "tab" button many times. This is the case even on websites on which the keyboard are almost exclusively used for to input the search feature. The need for this shortcut exists on many websites but not all.

Examples are:

  • need to press tab 10 times to get to search bar (bad)

  • need to press tab 10 times to get to search bar (bad)

  • need to press tab 60+ times to get to search bar (bad)

  • cursor jumps to primary search form after 1 click on tab(very good)

  • cursor automatically lands in search form (very good)

Software used

If any browser can do this I would be happy to switch.

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I doubt any browser/extension can automatically figure out which is the primary search field on any web page, especially when multiple text fields may be present.

The best method I can think of is to use the Fox Input add-on for Firefox:

This extension provides a hotkey to focus on the input field on a webpage. The default hotkeys are Alt-I (go to the next text input field) and Alt-J (go to the previous one), but you can change them in the setting window.


This should at least cut down the key-presses required, and if only one text field exists on the page a single Alt+I should do the trick.

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