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On my laptop I have somehow lost the shift+ and shift+ key combinations.


  • Ubuntu 12.10 OS
  • Windows 7 running in Virtual box
  • Synergyc running on the Linux Host
  • Connected to Synergys running on my desktop machine, also running Ubuntu 12.10


The key mappings are fine in Linux. This has happened following an install of vsvim inside of Visual Studio 2012. Now globally inside this particular Virtual Box instance I can no longer use shift+ and shift+

Funnily enough when I go to the VS Key mapping finder it shows me that:

  • shift+ mapped to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Z
  • shift+ mapped to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X

I have asked in Super User as this is also affecting the Windows environment.

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If you are running Visual Studio in admin mode it will take over all global key mappings.

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