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When I compile qemu for arm platform, I configure as follows:

./configure --cross-prefix=arm-linux-gnueabi- --target-list=arm-softmmu --enable-kvm --enable-sdl --static

But get errors below:

ERROR: User requested feature sdl ERROR: configure was not able to find it

I don't know what's wrong I use Ubuntu 12.04 with libsdl1.2dev on it I download the source code of qemu from its official site

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Any "fedora" version of this question? – jayunit100 Nov 26 '13 at 18:03
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Yes, this is one of 3 stages I had to pass in my journey to compile qemu for raspberry pi emulation on Ubuntu. SDL gets solved running on console:

apt-get install libsdl-dev-image1.2-dev

And then the next issue you will undoubtedly have:

git submodule update --init pixman
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thank you very much! – Himiko Apr 16 '13 at 2:00

I installed the following packages from (I run CentOS 6).

$ rpm -i SDL-1.2.15-1.i386.rpm


$ rpm -i SDL-devel-1.2.15-1.i386.rpm

which did the trick.

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    apt-get install libsdl-dev-image1.2-dev

doesn't work, then try:

    apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
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