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I am running virtualbox 4.2.4 r81684 on an ubuntu 12.10 installation with cinnamon desktop I have just installed ubuntu 12.10 server in virtual box and I have guest additions installed virtualbox was installed using these instructions

I have bi directional set under shared clipboard and there is a grey tick next to VBoxGuestAdditions.iso when I check the devices

So why is it that when I copy text from my host can I not paste it into my guest? If I use CTRL+v on the command line of Ubuntu Server (guest) I get nothing and if I CTRL+v a second time I just get ASCII characters.

I get the same problem if I use Shift+Insert


Session information shows that guest additions is not detected

Runtime Attributes

Screen Resolution

Clipboard Mode

Drag'n'Drop Mode


Nested Paging

Guest Additions
Not Detected

Guest OS Type
Ubuntu (64 bit)

Remote Desktop Server Port
Not Available

Storage Statistics

Controller: IDE Controller

  IDE Secondary Master:

    DMA Transfers

    PIO Transfers

    Data Read
49,152 B

    Data Written
0 B

Controller: SATA Controller

  SATA Port 0:

    DMA Transfers

    Data Read
159,972,352 B

    Data Written
3,717,120 B

Network Statistics

Adapter 1

  Data Transmitted
2,170 B

  Data Received
16,977 B
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try shift + insert to paste into your guest terminal

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Same problem, makes no difference! – jamesw Dec 17 '12 at 12:52

The Ctrl-v sequesnce is interpreted by the terminal as meaning the next characters should be interpreted literally so it's doing exactly that. You may be able to use


to do what you want or right-click paste.

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No joy, but thanks anyway – jamesw Dec 17 '12 at 12:54

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