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I have about 1000 gmails (or .eml files) and would convert them into (single) pdf files. Do you know the best way for free?

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  1. Install PDFCreator
  2. Set PDFCreator to auto save files to the desired location, note that I changed the Filename to so that it keeps the name of the email, though you can set it to whatever you like. enter image description here
  3. Open Thunderbird, select a few emails to test emails, right click them, choose "print...", Print to PDFCreator
  4. Check that the PDFs came out alright, then print the rest, it will take a few minutes.
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You can use the following program: Gmail Print All for Chrome

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You can try Birdie EML to PDF Converter software for importing EML emails into PDF format.

Trouble-free process to change EML e-mails in PDF.

Now EML to PDF Conversion is achievable with few mouse clicks.

Completely Saves Attachments & Embed in PDF file & Save Attachments in Separate folder (Newly Added Options)

Software migrate EML files traits (header items, inbox/outbox data, attachments) into PDF.

This tool supports the conversion of email attachments within the messages & saves them along with the exported Adobe PDF docs.

Our program allows combine emails conversion to PDF. (EML 2 PDF batch converter).

Offers "Different File Naming Options" to save converted PDF files like; from + subject + date (DD-MM-YYYY), date (MM-DD-YYYY) + subject +from, etc.

Convert EML plus EMLX files (emails of Mac OS X email clients) to Adobe PDF format. (Addon Feature)

Software is compatible with 98, 2002,2003 XP, Vista & Windows 7 (64-bit / 32-bit).

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