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I am talking about any service out there (BackBlaze, Carbonite, etc...). Consider the following scenario that actually happened last week.

Power went out and my NTFS drive (connected to a NAS of sorts, RT-N56 Asus Router) got corrupted. And by corrupted I mean it lost the last month worth of changes. Other than that the hard continued working fine as if nothing happened. And of course, I didn't know it at the time because it just sits behind the NAS and I didn't think to check.

My question is this. If the last month of hard drive changes simply disappeared, the online backup software would have simply backed up what it sees. Would I be able to go back in time (with the online backup provider) prior to the power loss and retrieve the lost data?

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Yes. I use and they do provide this facility. Here is a quote

Flexible Restore Options With CrashPlan backup software, you can go back in time and choose to restore specific versions of files based on date. You can also tell CrashPlan where to save the files when you restore and whether or not to rename them.

I'm sure other online backup services should be providing the same option. [I went for Crashplan just because it stores my deleted files indefinitely, so it can double-up to free my laptop's harddisk space.]

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