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I've already posted this question on the Mozilla Thunderbird forum, and the people who responded were unable to figure out what is happening. I hope I'll have better luck here!

I'm using Thunderbird 17.0 under Windows 7.

A couple of days ago I tried to resolve a long-standing irritation by getting Thunderbird's junk filter to work.

With the default settings, Thunderbird apparently was recording the addresses of messages that I marked as junk, because the "Junk" button ceased to appear for messages from those addresses. However, nothing was ever recorded in the junk mail log or moved to Junk.

I read the main help topic for the junk mail feature, then set the filter options as follows.

Options > Security > Junk
   [x] When I mark messages as junk:
      (x) Move them to the account's "Junk" folder.
      ( ) Delete them
   [ ] Mark messages determined to be Junk as read
   [x] Enable adaptive junk filter logging.

Options > Account Settings > (for each account) > Junk Settings
   [x] Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account
   Do not automatically mark mail as junk if address is in:
      [ ] Colleccted Addresses
      [ ] Eudora Nicknames
      [x] Personal Address Book

   [ ] Trust junk mail headers set by

   [x] Move new junk messages to:
      (x) "Junk" folder on: Local Folders
      ( ) Other: Junk on lLocal Folders
      [ ] Automatically delete junk mail older than 14 days

Thunderbird now detects junk mail and records it in the log, but still does not move it to the Junk folder. What have I missed?

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Hmm Thunderbird does the same sometimes for me, when the number of e-mails in the target folder has reached a certain limit. I am using IMAP, even for the junk folder, so this could be IMAP related. Anyway, clean up your junk folder, compress it and try again. – ernestopheles Dec 18 '12 at 19:20

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