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Iam running Linux Mint on my laptop and i have some (serious) problems with Google Chrome.
Randomly Chrome becomes totally unresponsive and iam not able to do anything,except restart the system from the power button.
I think it's not an issue with system load and/or RAM,because if i for example open lot of "heavy" programs everything seems to work quite fine.
When i only run Chrome with not many tabs at random times it freezes the whole system.
The weird thing is that Chrome is not heavily loaded with tabs or extensions.
I can't figure out what is causing this problem.
Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance.

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Have a look at the Chrome Task Manager to see if it's a particular tab, extension or plugin that is struggling. You could also try terminating them one by one to see if you can find the problematic one.

Have you tried using some different browser for a few days to make sure that this is a Chrome problem?

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I have had this problem, but have found a solution:

Uninstall VLC's plugins for rendering any type of media.

I know VLC is about the best all-around media player, but the plugin is the cause of my iteration of chromium-browser hangs, which it never recovers from.

I hope this helps someone. I have filed this information in a more detailed Google Chrome bug.

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