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I'm trying to set up a Linux partition on my laptop and I've run into the same phrase all over the internet. It's on one of the superuser answers...

In the question Which linux filesystem works best with SSD, the top answer says:

In Linux, simply run fdisk -cu (device) on the drive you want to partition, press n for new partition, p for primary and enter a start sector of at least 2,048. The general rule is that the starting sector must be divisible by 512, but to cater for all variations of SSD page size and filesystem block size, 2,048 is a good idea (and equates to 1MB).

How does 2,048 equate to 1MB (1024?)

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The quote you provided explains how its equal to 1MB. – Ramhound Dec 18 '12 at 12:00
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A sector size is 512 bytes. 2048 sectors x 512 bytes = 1 Mbyte

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2048 blocks, each 512 bytes (half a kilobyte) is 1024 KB is 1MB.

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