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I have a HP Compaq NX7400 netbook.

It has a Windows XP SP 2 OS. You have probably heard about people turning their laptops into Wi-Fi hotspots. I have a Tata Photon+ dongle which I use as internet on my NX7400. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 with Android 3.2 on which I want to use the internet of my Compaq using Wi-Fi creators.

I already tried Connectify but it has a minimum requirement of Windows XP SP3 while mine is SP2.

How can I make my laptop a Wi-Fi hotspot and use the internet on my tablet? Or do I have hardware issues?

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Upgrade to XP SP3. With the number of known security vulnerabilities in SP2, it's not a wise idea to directly expose it to the internet, nor allow other computers to connect through it. – alroc Dec 18 '12 at 14:19

Best software is ofcourse Windows XP SP3 :)

That said, there is a google trick to find similar softwares, for instance, to find connectify alternatives, type connectify vs in the search bar to get loads of suggestions. Using that trick I have found the following alternatives : Virtual router, mHotspot and others

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