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I would like to add the New Terminal at Folder feature to my finder right click menu. So I went to System PreferencesKeyboardKeyboard Shortcuts and checked the box named New Terminal at Folder.

The problem is that this has no effect on the finder context menu. There is no new entry even after a reboot.

If I make changes to other check boxes in the files and folders group this also has no effect at all. The context menu always looks the same no matter what i do.

How do I fix that?

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You need to right-click the folder icon or list entry (when viewing the parent folder) and possibly open the Services sub menu. It's not possible to just right-click anywhere in a folder window and have that entry appear.

enter image description here

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Hi, i saw it on a mac of a colleague. He had that "New Terminal at folder" on the very first level of his context menu. I do have an "Open file with TextWrangler" on that first level for example and i can see it checked in the Keyboard Shortcuts List. When i uncheck this as a test it does not disappear from the context menu and when i reboot it is checked in the settings again. So i am not able to make peristent changes. Any Idea? – homtg Dec 18 '12 at 23:03

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