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I'm trying to install the ssh2 lib on my centos os server as per this tutorial :

Everything seems to go fine after I run the pecl install -f ssh2 command until the last few lines of the responce I get : running: make sh: make: command not found ERROR: make failed

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You don't have all of the necessary development tools installed ("make: command not found"). 'yum install make' will solve the immediate problem, but you're likely to run into trouble again -- make probably isn't the only thing missing. This CyberCiti page lists the packages you'll need to make sure you have installed, to give you the basic set of dev tools, as well as giving a description of how to go about installing them all at once.

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Cheers, and thanks for the advice aswell! – Infra Stank Dec 19 '12 at 16:56

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